A Wealth of Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has always been interested and invested in the intricacies of education. His mother and grandmother, as well as his wife, were teachers, and through their example, he was able to learn how teaching can benefit the teacher along with the students. Using this knowledge and his knack for finance, Richard set a goal to help others with their investments and financial planning. Soon after graduating from college, he went into the financial services industry and 1993 and took the first steps in his journey in founding his independent firm so that he would be able to provide professional financial advice to his clients. Ever since the firm’s founding, Richard has been able unbiased financial advice and planning with zero conflict of interest.


Specifically, Richard works to give wealth management services and retirement planning to his base of clients. In order to tailor his services to his clients’ needs, Richard and his firm follow a three-pillar approach. This enables Wealth Solutions to quickly map out their client’s financial situation and come up with a plan accordingly.


The first pillar involves identifying the client’s strengths and goals, as well as their risk tolerance and opportunities for growth. It’s easy to make a plan for the client once the firm knows where the client is coming from.


The second pillar is used by the firm to create a long-term plan that matches up with the client’s needs. Specifically, it is geared towards the liquidity needs and investment goals of the client. In this step, Richard redistributes and manages the client’s assets in order to guarantee the maximum performance of their portfolio when the market is fitting. At the same time, during negative market period, Richard also reduces the impact to the client’s investment.


Richard Blair meets the client’s insurance in the final pillar once he has determined their goals and come up with strategies that will achieve them. The plan includes long-term care, life insurance, and annuities. Through his experiences with his firm, he has acquired much knowledge and many skills in his field that continue to enable him to help his clients meet all of their financial needs.


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