Alex Pall: A Glimpse of How Chainsmokers Band Was Birthed and Established

One of the anticipated track from Chainsmokers is now on hit, “Closer.” The track has featured an all-time music guru Halsey. This new track features the band, Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart singing. Under normal circumstances, artists sing the songs on their own. However, for DJs and some producers, they rely entirely on songwriters and able vocalists to have some human taste in their electronically crafted soundscapes. For Alex Pall and Drew though, is one that amazed many people. They have done it on their own. They have resolved to personalize their brands of the dance music so that they may be recognized as the true artists of the songs. Their intention is to display and convey the feelings and thoughts of the songs. Alex Pall and his friend are not intending to remain behind the curtains but reveal themselves to the fans so that they can build a good identity and keep growing as the audience also grows.

Through an interview, Alex Pall shared on what brought the two together into such an amazing collabo. Alex begins by saying that he was a DJ then trying to make what seemed to be a hobby for life. He was in New York and his passion was growing each day. He became fascinated about the dance music industry. As he figured out how to involve deeply, he involved his manager then who introduced him to Drew. Upon meeting, they began pulling through together and that is how their journey grew to date. Drew explains that when they met with Alex he had just been from school. Drew was attracted to electronic music. That is how he ventured into production sector and perfected his skills in the area.

Upon meeting, no one could tell if the collabo was going to work or not. At least for the two, they knew it would work. Alex explains how he knew they were going to make a perfect match in the dance music industry. Alex continues to say that from the very word, they both knew what they are bringing on the table. They felt each other’s ambitions and visions grew closer. They could try out working on something and they hand their values and principles in their commitment.