Alex Pall: Becoming A Huge Success

EDM music space is beginning to grow. For some time now there were only a few names in the space. Alex Pall has been able to make his mark in this industry with his band The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers have become a celebrated dj group. This group has created back to back chart topping hits. It seems like there is no slowing down for this group. Their debut album has done incredibly well. The group has their past to thank for their current success. The Chainsmokers is at the top of their game but both Alex Pall and bandmate Drew Taggart had to overcome many things in their life before The Chainsmokers took off.

Alex Pall was in New York City a few years ago trying to become the dj he is today. He loved the Big Apple. New York City was a melting pot of people in pursuit of their dreams. The music scene was booming. So many people were making a name for themselves in the music scene. This fueled him. He knew he could become something major. It was no easy journey for Alex Pall to become an established dj. At one point in time, djing felt like a hobby. Although it had been his childhood hobby, he knew he wanted more for himself. He knew he could turn his passion into something big. He knew he could turn his hobby into a career.

It was fate that led Alex Pall to meeting Drew Taggart. They never knew they would together create The Chainsmokers into what it is today. When they were introduced, they were young, passionate and ambitious. They began making music in a New York City apartment. They gave their all to their music. They created beats. They wrote lyrics. From sunup to sundown, these two created what would one day top the Billboard Music Charts. It was very important for Alex Pall and Drew Taggart to create an identity their fans would resonate with. They created the identity of The Chainsmokers to authentically reflect the two dj’s involved in the making the band a success.