Ashley Lightspeed: Creating Business Ideas and the Importance of Prototyping

Ashley Lightspeed was a child born into the world of design, form, function and art. Her dad was a well established architect and she formed an early dream of becoming like her dad one day. Ashley was exceptionally fond of the drafting table, making sketches and creating ideas from scratch. She was basically prototyping at a very early age. She then continued her passion by studing in Copenhagen, and she went into the prototyping business ideas into making them actually happen.

After finishing college, she then went on to Bain to be a Career Consultatnt, but then she longed for operational work. So she joined Thumbtack’s team of developers as a Category Manager. Ashley was in charge of customer experience and the company’s growth in the Events & Weddings industry. Check out to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

Ashley was first exposed to venture capital during one of her tasks at Thumbtack. She was so interested with the business so she took an academic program at Standford whilst till doing her Consultant job. Then she went on to join Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Ashley Lightspeed works directly with early-stage businesses and she forms strategies for them to be able to ensure growth. Her unique talent to sketch business ideas and hone it to its full potential is extremely utilized in her job. Her craftsmanship, creativity, eye for detail and her tendency to be a perfectionist is a perfect match for the job.

Ashley punctuates on the importance of prototyping – especially for an entrepreneur. Ashley notes that prototyping “enables you to fail fast and iterate faster.” This means that creating prototypes will enable you to identify the problems and issues right away on why your product isn’t working and functioning the way that you want it to. When you identify the issue faster, the faster you can form a solution as well. This is why prototyping is so important for Ashley.