Avaaz- An Organization that Solves Global Issues

Avaaz has a strong presence in most of the countries however their online community is what gives attention to new issues arising. The organization formed five years ago with the aim of acting as Megaphone to different problems affecting cities in the world. They use new technology that is the online presence as their marketing tool to channel broad issues and meet their agency and read full article.

Over the years Avaaz has been useful in the world its central power and priority comes from its members and each year they conduct online polls. The primary purpose for the camping pools is to test ideas and random samples given by members and bring them to a secure initiative and response. The major camping is conducted through their full membership, and the thought is later given to other Avaaz community members within hours or days.

Avaaz global campaigns are conducted efficiently since they have volunteer campaigners in over 30 countries including Brazil, India, Lebanon and United Kingdom. They use technology as there means of communication. Once a campaign starts the staff sends emails to its members and then employs various campaigning tactics like videos, online petitions, email leader tools to get attention from different government private organizations. However, sometimes Avaaz may opt to use commission legal advice stage sit-ins, media-friendly stunts, phone calls and advertisements to channel their grievances.

They ask for suggestions from their members and then use supplement information guidance from their legal specialist before they embark on the campaign. Once opinion polls over ten thousand Avaaz members, the group goes ahead and make the drives open to the public where they include all class and races of people.

According to Avaaz, their main aim is to unite the world practical idealists by supporting causes that prove to be progressive and calling the global society to help and more information click here.