Bruno Fagali: Spearheading the Departmental Integrity Drive

Bruno Fagali is one of the most influential Brazilian lawyers, and he is credited as the one who started the FAGALI Advocacy. The advocacy spearheaded by Bruno Fagali is one of its kinds, and its main objective is to put an end to the culture of corruption in Brazil. His colleagues also know him as a man of principle, and he is considered as one of the best lawyers in the country. He is also described as being a professional who has integrity, and because of his positive reputation, many people in the country are looking at him as an inspiration. Bruno Fagali is also known for providing legal assistance to those who need it the most, and because of his nature that tends to help the oppressed, many people have looked up into him whenever they face legal issues. His specializations include public laws and laws against corruption, and he is making use of it to sustain his advocacy.

Ever since Brazil became an independent nation, the country has been plagued with corruption, from the smallest government officials to the leaders of the land. The culture of corruption has branched into different problems, including poverty, crime, and human trafficking. Being one of the world’s most corrupt countries, the people of Brazil are thinking that government officials stealing from them is normal, and citizens do not want to act on it because they do not want any trouble. Corrupt government officials do not have any sense of regret whenever they stole from the government funds, and they would do it again and again until the fund is drained out. By initiating a departmental integrity drive, Bruno Fagali is slowly changing the attitude of the public towards corruption. He has given them new hope and has empowered them to speak out about the problems in their government.

The FAGALI Advocacy aims to spread out information about the negative results of corruption. Bruno Fagali would go from one government office to another, lecturing the employees about the things that they can do to fight corruption. He would like to reinstate transparency in the government, and he is hoping that his actions would bear positive results.