Carsten Thiel Discusses The Evolution Of Our Technological Age

Throughout history, there have been times when the current generation have expressed their belief in technology reaching its limits. In the 1960s, the dawn of the space age saw humans question just how far humans could travel beyond the moon. Spacecraft now travel to distant planets showing technology is still evolving.

Biotechnology expert, Carsten Thiel has been at the heart of many of the advances made in his field and believes the technological age we are now in will continue for centuries to come. Much of the reason for the advances made in recent years has been the lowering of costs associated with research due to the new software and apps available to biotechnologists. Carsten Thiel points to the work done to sequence the first genome in 1995 cost a staggering $2.5 billion, the same work done today can be completed for less than $1,000.

In an interview with IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel expressed that people in future generations will remember the present as the most transformative time in history, where we use science and biology not only to understand, but actually to treat, and eradicate diseases

The advances made in biotechnology by scientists such as Carsten Thiel are being interlinked to the work of other biotechnologists to ensure no chances at solving medical issues are missed. Advances made in regenerative cell therapies and in nucleic acids are allowing the top scientists in biotechnology to address parts of the human body often ignored in the past. Carsten Thiel believes there is more to come in terms of developing technological advances which impact lives for years to come. Click Here to visit Thiel’s Facebook page.


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