Chicago’s Madison Street Capital Helps Napoleon Machine Arrange A Credit Facility With Sterling Commercial Credit

Madison Street Capital, the boutique investment firm founded by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala, is one of the stars in the financial industry. When it comes to arranging successful medium size mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street has few peers. But this international investment banking firm is also one of the best in financial advisory business, and Ohio-based Napoleon Machine can confirm that statement. Napoleon Machine just received a credit facility from Sterling Commercial Credit thanks to the financial advice they got from Madison Street executives, Steven Richards and Barry Petersen. Petersen is the senior managing director of Madison Street, and Richards is the Vice-President of Capital Markets.



The Sterling Commercial Credit’s credit facility will provide operating capital so Napoleon Machine can expand its manufacturing capabilities, according to Mr. Richards. The credit facility will also help Napoleon meet current client demands as well as accelerate the growth of the company. Napoleon Machine provides several manufacturing services which include precision machining, metal fabrication, light assembly, and painting. Napoleon’s diverse client base includes companies that focus on automotive, aerospace, construction, chemical mining, metals, glassmaking, robotics, nuclear power generation, transportation, and military and defense. The list of Napoleon products includes structural frames, crowns, gearboxes, machine bases, bridges, skids, oil pump frames, heat exchangers, centrifuge frames hoppers, and conveyors.



Sterling Commercial Credit is a family-owned financial service provider that helps companies get the capital it needs to stay relative in their industries. Madison Street Capital was able to guide Napoleon Machine through the rigorous financial and corporate steps that ultimately brought Sterling and Napoleon together. Plus, Madison Street’s reputation for delivering corporate financial advice as well as merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services is one of the best in the financial industry. Madison Street helps clients succeed on the global stage, and the company does that with integrity and understandable leadership.



The Sterling Commercial Credit and Napoleon Machine credit facility deal is just one example of the expertise Madison Street Capital displays when two companies try to iron out a deal that is beneficial for both companies. The delicate negotiations that develop take time, patience, knowledge and vision and all the corporate players involved in those negotiations must be open to change. Madison Street executives help those corporate players see the big picture while they are in the negotiating trenches.



The Napoleon Machine deal is just one example of Madison Street’s capabilities in the financial advisory world. Madison Street Capital has a long list of successful financial advisory transactions and the list gets longer every month. According to Madison Street’s CEO Charles Botchway, the Napoleon Machine deal with Sterling Commercial Credit is one his company’s finest achievements because both companies will benefit financially. Financial success is always Madison Street’s goal.