Daniel Taub work as a diplomat in U.K.

The accomplishment of Daniel Taub is like no one other in the history of diplomacy of Israel and United Kingdom. Taub was appointed to represent his country Israel in the United Kingdom. He was appointed in 2011. He held the office of the ambassador for four years. He leafy in 2015. His four years of service to his country was marked by remarkable achievements. He managed to achieve greatness for his country; more than any other diplomat in the history of the two countries. He went into the office with one plan. He wanted to accomplish greatness for his country. He wanted his country to benefit from the interaction that omits had with the United Kingdom. London is a global center for many things especially finance and media, there was a lot of benefits that the country would draw from the interactions with the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub was appointed to the office after he had worked under the ministry of foreign affairs for a long time. He was given the mandate of ensuring the two countries remained intact since he had shown great ability to represent the country in other tasks that he had been mandated before. Daniel Taub was at one time the legal advisor of the mission that represented Israel at the UN headquarters in New York and Geneva. This is a great achievement for the diplomat who was a trained international lawyer. He did great work in representing his country. He was also part of the team that was appointed by Israel to negotiate for peace with Palestine. Daniel Taub was the lead mediator on behalf of Israel. He worked very hard alongside his counterpart from Palestine to come up with a peace agreement that would work. Part of the work they did was to visit Ireland, which is a region that had the same challenges as Israel and Palestine. They learned how the two countries managed to achieve their peace agreements.



Daniel Taub is one person who believes that Israel is the not the cause of instability in the Middle East. He says that his country has already shown goodwill in respecting peace agreements that have been developed before. He quotes peace agreements that exist between the country and other countries in the Middle East region. He talks of the peace agreement that exists between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Jordan. These are peace agreements that show that Israel is committed to ensuring that there is peace in the region. Daniel Taub remains the best diplomat to the United Kingdom since the era of Shlomo Argov.