Deirdre Baggot Introduces Bundle Payment in The Healthcare Industry

Since she joined the healthcare industry as a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Deirdre Baggot has worked hard at developing a good reputation not only as a healthcare strategist but a primary reformer who streamlines the payment channels of the company. Coupled with the experience garnered when she served as a clinical executive who understands the challenges of the healthcare payment system. As such, Baggot formulated an innovative healthcare payment system that provides financial benefits for healthcare practitioners. Bundled payment is far better than traditional payment methods. Learn more about her career in healthcare onĀ CrunchBase

Bundled Payment System

Bundled payments are tailored to pay many providers for coordinating all the services required for a pre-defined session of healthcare. The model of payment has gained popularity for embracing value-based healthcare without involving providers in high-risk business ventures. Like with most healthcare initiatives that have just been launched, providers are wondering if the model works. They are also wondering how clients can benefit from it. Baggot has explored the advantages of using this payment method.

Work and Education

With more than ten years of experience serving in the healthcare sector, Mr. Deirdre Baggot is admired for being a contributor and expert in healthcare practices. She has worked at Northern Memorial Hospital, is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and has served as a healthcare administrative for a significant amount of years. For about three years, Baggot has also served as the head of SCL Health where she was in charge of the vascular institute.

She is not only a talented healthcare practitioner but a dedicated professional who attended Southern Illinois University for nursing. She headed to Loyola University for an MBA. Being a specialist in informatics and specialist financial modeling, she has cultivated a strong personality to enable her to serve her clients. Baggot believes that the bundled payment method will transform how payment is made in the healthcare sector.

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