Doe Deere Inspires Women to Express Themselves Through Vibrant Colors

Doe Deere, founder of the makeup brand Lime Crime and fashion brand Poppy Angeloff, is showing ladies how to live life unapologetically through vibrant colors as well as creative thinking. The accomplished entrepreneur has been in position to come up with products that enhances beauty both inside and out.

Doe Deere came up with the idea of starting Poppy Angeloff after she came across family heirlooms. She was in love with the heirlooms and she started thinking of how to come up with a company that can make vintage jewelry. It came out as more than just an idea and she was fascinated by the whole concept. Her sister gave her the push she needed to venture into the jewelry business. At that time, she already involved herself with makeup business.

Deere spent many months learning jewelry making and the jewelry industry. After extensive research, she concluded that her style was inspired by the Victorian era. She stated that Poppy Angeloff’s mission is to make vintage-inspired jewelry which has heirloom-quality and can be valued and passed down through generations. She considers Poppy Angeloff as her next step as she evolves as an artist as well as entrepreneur.

Prior to Poppy, Doe Deere was known for Lime Crime Cosmetics, a cosmetics brand with a global customer-base. Also referred to as makeup line for “unicorns”, she started the company in 2008 in her and her husband’s apartment in Brooklyn. Back in the day, she had a fashion line while in a band in New York with her husband. She would reconstruct clothes and sell them on eBay under the name Lime Crime. The brand started gaining popularity with trendy rebellious fashion line. She could not afford real models and so, she modelled her own stuff. She thought because many people were showing love for her colors and makeup looks, other girls would love to experiment with the colors.

She focused on selling clothes while creating a vibrant and passionate makeup colors staying true to her style. Deere shows girls it is okay to use colors to express one’s self. Lime Crime has been at the top of colorful trends and developing high-performance wear.

Doe Deere came to the United States at 17 in the company of her mother and sister in search of greener pastures. She idolized living in the United States every time she read US magazines and other materials. When they arrived in New York City, life was unbearable for them to an extent they almost became homeless. She says that if she made it despite the unbearable circumstances, anyone can make it in the United States given a chance.