Doe Deere Journey to Success

Doe Deere is a giant in the cosmetic department. The businesswoman has earned her fame for being one of the women who run very successful companies in the world. Although she ventured into the world of business when it was still dominated by men, Doe Deere vowed to make a change. Her career life in the cosmetic department has been so successful, and it has earned her the respect of many. In a recent interview, the bold businesswoman speaks about her journey in cosmetics and her origins.

Doe Deere came into the United States just like all other immigrants in the country. The businesswoman was born in Russia, and she was from the Jewish culture. When she was growing up in Vorotova, Russia, the young Doe Deere always thought about the United States and how life would be good if she ever got the chance to travel and live in the new country. Reading magazines and movies gave her an idea about America and the opportunities people had there. Deere was so obsessed with American English and culture and she wondered how she could ever get the chance to live in the country. Twenty years ago, when Deere was only seventeen years old, she managed to move and settle in the United States. All this immigration was done in search of a better life.

Upon arrival in the popular country, Doe Deere had her family went to New York City. According to her, this was the ideal place to show the world that they could make it and live a good life. Deere and her family knew well that this was either a swim or sink state, and this meant that they had to work their way up the ladder. The little savings they had in their pockets were not enough to live in New York City. As an accomplished and successful accountant, Deereā€™s mother had a tough time transferring most of her records in the country, and this meant that her daughters had to work to make ends meet. Although the mother had to clean apartments and perform other chores in the city, they finally managed to settle and live comfortably in the new country.