Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Revered Cosmetic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden whose fascination with surgery started at a tender age. Seeing her parents practicing medicine, she aspired to walk into their footsteps since her mother served as a surgical nurse while her father was a committed dentist. Walden enrolled at the University of Texas where she majored in a degree in Bachelor of Science. She then joined Galveston for a degree in medicine. Thereafter, Dr. Walden moved to Dallas, Texas where she completed her training. Dr. Walden then joined the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital for a course in aesthetic surgery.

Her training, as well as fellowship, was indicative of her ability to interact with leading cosmetic surgeons within the industry including Dr. Aston. She, therefore, learned how to perfect her skills in cosmetic surgery. Today, Dr. Walden is a prominent owner of a private practice cosmetic surgery organization in Texas. Her experience in shaping the industry has honed her skills. She specializes in different sectors such as facial cosmetic surgery. In that sector, she uses innovative technologies in restoring damaged, wrinkled skin.

Moreover, she owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery as well Laser Center. She uses this facility to offer a broad range of services to her customers. The practice is also committed to ensuring that Dr. Jennifer Walden provides top notch services especially in removing unwanted hair, vascular lesions as well as acne among others. One of the main pillars she uses to be successful in her career is hiring qualified professionals who can provide high-quality services too.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden