Entrepreneurial skills have made Peter Briger succeed in business

In 2008 Peter Briger joined the rank of billionaires in Forbes. In 2002 is when Peter left Goldman Sachs and went to join Fortress Investment Group. His contributions at the company have been positive, and you cannot talk about the success of Fortress Investment Group without mentioning Peter Briger. Apart from being a leader of the company he is also in charge of the credit and real estate departments. He has been running these sections of the company successfully. He is also serving at the board and acts in the capacity of a chairman. Peter is also the president of the company hence he has been useful and has helped Fortress Investment Group in different ways. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter was working at Goldman Sachs where he had acquired experience in the field. After working for the organization for fifteen years, Peter had gained the knowledge and skills needed in the financial sector. He wanted to move to other ventures and advance his career since he had worked for Goldman Sachs since he completed his university education.

Peter has also worked at Linktone where he was a member of the board. He also serves in other organizations like being the director of Tipping Point Foundation, Being on the board of Caliber Schools and Foreign Relations Council member. Peter Briger has acquired all these positions because of his dedications towards his work. He believes in accomplishing the set goals, and that is why he works hard to achieve what is set by an organization. His education background has enabled him to become successful in business and also in running organizations.

Although Peter Briger has been successful in Peter Briger’s career, he is a philanthropic person who loves working with everyone in the society. He has also been dedicating his time to help others because he believes they can achieve what he has accomplished. Peter knows that young entrepreneurs need support and that is why he has been supporting those who want to pursue business after completing their university education. His philanthropic endeavors have helped many to achieve success in their lives, and they have appreciated the excellent work of Peter Briger.