Gregory Aziz: Tailor Made For Leadership

Every business needs to have two things: an expert and a great customer relationship. These two things cannot exist with the other. No company has ever succeeded with just one and not the other. If the company has great products and terrible customer relations, it fails.


There have been some instances of companies with great customer relations and terrible products succeeding for a while, but eventually, people catch on and the business fails. Every truly genius company knows that customer relations and expertise is key to success. Mastering those two elements is what made National Steel Car a leading manufacturer of rail and tank cars.

National Steel Car accomplished something truly tremendous when they became one of the top companies in the engineering and manufacturing industry. Engineering, in itself, is one of the most complex and dynamic fields. People can train for years and never develop a single thing worth selling.


At the same time, a lot of those companies have been around for more than 100 years. That means their customers already know their products and aren’t easily attracted to new companies. However, if the company’s quality drops, even for a year, they may not be able to recover before they’re abandoned. Read This Article for additional information.


Regardless of the risks, National Steel Car is a top company for a reason. In the past, they succeed on the quality of their products. Now, the company’s such a huge success because of its CEO, Gregory James Aziz. James Aziz joined National Steel Car in 1994 and was named CEO after working there for a few years.


Before he joined National Steel Car, he worked in investment banking in New York. He liked the work well enough but didn’t want that to be his entire life. He likes working for National Steel Car and working with all their customers and suppliers.


When he took over the company, James Aziz was amazed at the commitment, passion, and trust expressed by all the employees. Even the customers and suppliers seem to have a special energy that can only be found at National Steel Car.


There’s never been a time in James Aziz’s life when he’s been more successful. He loves working for National Steel Car for every reason. Getting along with the workforce and innovating new products that customers love is just a bonus.


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