Gregory James Aziz is the Legend

Gregory James Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, is the reason the rail industry is thriving today. During his time at the helm of National Steel Car, he served as CEO, Board Chairman, and National Industries Chairman.


Greg Aziz is a native of Ontario and was born in the city of Hamilton. It is this place that National Steel Car now calls home.

Greg Aziz prepared for his time at National Steel Car by studying Economics at Western University. His time gaining his Master’s degree would prove fruitful when he began to lead National Steel Car into its 100th year of doing business.


Greg Aziz was able to convince the executives that National Steel Car that they cannot rest on their previous accomplishments. He began to cast a vision throughout the entire company that they must innovate using the products they currently have. He called every department to raise the bar and become the standard in their industry.


This innovation produced two results. The first result was a more efficient production line than any other company in the rail industry. The second result was a rail car that used fewer gas emissions and was able to travel further and faster. It was this pursuit of excellence they guaranteed National Steel Car would become the top choice in North America. See This Page for more information


During his time as CEO, Greg Aziz would also strengthen the four pillars of successful business. He would consistently thank his customers for their support over the years. He would show gratitude to suppliers and guarantee them wide profit margins in the future. He would partner with executives and train them and promote them so that they knew he valued them. Lastly, he would thank his 2000-person workforce for their vision of excellence and a commitment to integrity. It was this commitment the lead National Steel Car to be a trusted brand. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


National Steel Car would gain prominence under Greg Aziz because of his work in becoming environmentally friendly. Greg Aziz joined hands with several Canadian Ministers to proudly announce that the rail tank cars they were making would be safer and stronger. These extra safety measures were able to the create railcars that resulted in fewer accidents. Because National Steel Car led the way, many in the rail industry followed their example. These are the reasons why National Steel Car celebrated its Centennial birthday.