Gulf Coast Western CEO and President, Matthew Fleeger

In the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger has been one of the most influential persons. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Business. Since his father was the owner of an oil and gas company, he had to borrow his skills after graduation. Through the knowledge he had learned, he pursed marketing and finance which garnered him very prestigious positions in the oil and gas company. Matthew worked in Gulf Coast Western for several years until he founded his own company 1993. MedSolutions was his new company and focused solely on proper disposal of waste products used in hospitals. He worked in the company till 2007 after selling it and later returned to Gulf Coast Western.

Working for MedSolutions gave him a rich experience as well a background in corporate management. Through his leadership, he has accomplished several mergers and acquisitions that has all reaped success. Today, Gulf Coast Western is under new leadership of Mr. Fleeger as the CEO and the President. The company is based in USA that deals with oil and gas as well as waste materials in the domestic level. Also, it’s behind the growth of the Oil and Gas Partnerships in the U.S. To be precise, they explore on all the oil and gas reserves hence developing them with a major focus on the Gulf Coast of U.S.

Today, the company is the largest company in the production of oil and gas in the western coast under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger. Not only has the company be recognized by the production of oil and gas but maintaining a mutual relationship with their clients and partners. They hope to continue with their transparency and commitment to work in the future. A relationship that is going to be built through candid and honest information and mutual respect between the parties.