How Organo Gold Built A Business Around The “Plant Of Longevity”

Organo Gold is a multinational network marketing firm that is located in Richmond, British Columbia. They offer beverages, personal care products, and body management products that are designed to be healthy. The way they do this is by putting Ganoderma, often known as the “plant of longevity”, into its products. This is a type of Chinese mushroom which has been carefully grown in a lab so that it grows in the most optimal fashion. It is then ground up and put into Organo Golds products. View Organo Gold’s profile on

The beverage products they offer are teas, coffees, and hot chocolates. These beverages come in boxes and each individual serving is in a sachet. This makes it easy to see what one serving is so no measuring is required. For personal care items the team at Organo Gold offers OG Smile, a toothpaste, and G3 Beauty Soap. Their body management products include both meal replacement products and a line of supplements. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Since launching in 2009 Organo Gold has been available through independent salespeople across North America. Before long they started setting up offices in other locations such as in Latin America, Australia, and Asia. They have a global network of independent salespeople who earn a commission on each sale they make.

The employee reviews on Indeed for Organo Gold are strong. The people leaving reviews cite in particular that they received excellent training and were ready to roll after attending classes. People also cite making a lot of new friends by selling Organo Gold’s products and developing their sales and people skills.