If You’re Wondering if Coffee and Well-Being Dance Well Together, It Looks That Way from the Window of Organo Gold

Modern coffee drinkers seek what coffee drinkers have always sought, a beverage to give them some pep and flavor to start their day, preferably one that tastes good with chocolate and affords them a a total sensory experience by being hot, aromatic and delicious. In short, it should provide them with the illusion of an oasis, where they can stop the world for just a few minutes while discussing the issues of the day. And…as it always has done and often does even today, the conversation may well revolve around health.

Is health and coffee a pairing? One company thinks so, definitely. Organo Gold is a marketing and distribution company, affording an array of health beauty and personal care options, while specializing in particular in its gourmet, freeze-dried instant coffee. As to why the rich medium-dark arabica roast variant made by Organo Gold is not just any cup of joe…Well, their coffee contains Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, which is cultivated from the mushroom by the same name, a highly nutritious fungus, which is also purported to possess immune-building and anti-tumor properties. Besides coffee, the company makes and sells red and green teas, also containing their signature special ingredient. There are personal care products and energy supplements that contain the power-house fungal powder as well. And Organo Gold buyers can get the powder as a solo item, as well as an array of health shakes, soaps, single-serve ready to brew options, plus more.

Besides, Los Angeles, California, Organo Gold functions in 45 countries, busily spreading the news vis a vis ganoderma and the healthy living it supports, while promoting fiscal health too. Organo Gold offers distributorship opportunities. Joe junkies can offer samples and provide automated shipping options for home brews. Coffee shops can resell products they obtain through Organo Gold distributors as well.