Imran Haque’s Remarkable Internal Medicine Practice in North Carolina

Doctor Imran Haque is a North Carolina based American medical doctor who works at Horizon Internal Medicine in the state. He has since risen to become one of the most sought after internal medicine specialists at his offices in Ramseur and Asheboro. Imran Haque’s experience spans over a decade in which he has been able to offer a variety of services. This vast experience has seen him be able to effectively attend to all cases in which his expertise is required.


The good doctor graduated with a medical degree in 1998 from Universidad Iberoamerican in Santa Domingo with honors. He soon after trained at the University of Virginia before having a stint at Randolph Hospital. At the university, Imran Haque focused on internal medicine bher ** efore obtaining a license to practice in the state of North Carolina. It is here that he made a good professional name for himself in the area due to his outstanding work.


Imran Haque currently plies his trade from Horizontal Internal Medicine. Any patient in need of assistance concerning internal medicine comes to this place. This is because the facility prides itself as a leading consultancy in internal medicine offering the best treatment. Being an internist, Dr. Haque is the primary-care doctor in the facility. His professionalism and outstanding expertise attract many patients making the facility the most popular in North Carolina.


Under the guidance of Imran Haque, Horizontal Internal Medicine has been able to conduct complex procedures successfully. An example is the laser treatment targeting various areas on the skin to enhance its tone and texture. This procedure is done in stages with a stage being done on a weekly basis. Imran Haque has proven to offer the best of these procedures; thus the confidence patients have in him. Imran Haque’s excellent work can be easily backed by the positive reviews from his patients.