Inside Anthony Constantinou’s World


Anthony Constantinou is someone with a wide range of expertise spanning across numerous topics and industries. He currently is a lead professor at the Queen Mary University in London. The Bayesian Artificial Intelligence department is where he currently teaches and guides students. Over the years, Anthony Constantinou has accumulated much recognition and many accolades.

Technology operated companies, artificial intelligence and a wide range of academics is what he has a sharp expertise in. The knowledge that Anthony has been able to garner is servicing an abundance of global leaders within his given field of study. Anthony Constantinou has a sincere passion to help all college students at the University he teaches at.

He does not limit his helping hand and guidance to any particular class or students; both undergrads as well as those who have already attained their bachelors can seek out his expertise and advice. The well-known professor utilizes social media platforms such as Twitter to update his followers and students on information regarding his class and his overall field of study. Go To This Page to learn more.

Topics such as artificial intelligence and various other technology related topics may be found on his Twitter account. This is a good way to connect with people and share publications that he has been featured in. Anthony Constantinou’s Facebook page plays a similar role, informing those who are connected to his account of numerous sectors of needed information and publications.

One topic that he has put a lot of work into is football gambling. Having a specialty knowledge set of data technology has allowed him to write on the different risks and uncertainties of sports gambling. Anthony Constantinou’s ability to assess risk also spans into other fields such as violent offenders within the prison and correctional facility. Anthony continues to participate in projects and teach those who are open to learning and following.


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