Isabel Dos Santos Encourages Women to Make a Difference

Isabel Dos Santos is a woman who has paved the way for billions of females across the globe. She hails from Azerbaijan SSR. Isabel dos Santos is  the richest woman in the world according to Forbes. Dos Santos has been involved in a lot of different projects, business deals and companies throughout the years. However, she is also known for her work with encouraging women to do their best and to become the best in their field.

Dos Santos wants women on the African continent to maximize their potential and ability as great people. With the proper education and job opportunities she expects their potential to increase significantly throughout each African nation. Isabel Dos Santos doesn’t just hold this view for the women on the African continent – her views are universal. She wants women to do as much as men can do and she pushes to make changes for all females on a national and international scale (Everipedia).

One of the things that hinders women progress in the world is sexist ideology that permeates the world. Many people erroneously believe that sexual misconduct in the workplace and gender inequality is something that happens in the west. However, it happens in the eastern part of the globe, in the Middle East, in the southern hemisphere and in the various nations that occupy Africa. While Dos Santos is a multi-billionaire woman, she even experiences (and has dealt with) this type of problem.

Isabel pushes for women to utilize technology to make some major changes. If they can do this, they will be able to impact the world on a greater scale. Now, Isabel Dos Santos is not just talking about using technology, she’s talking about utilizing it in a practical way. She believes that tech would be a great way to create jobs and to give women the economic power base they need to grow and thrive.

This is especially true for many nations in Africa where technology is starting to emerge on a grand scale. Isabel Dos Santos doesn’t claim to have the perfect plan to make all women’s life better. However, she believes that with hard work, dedication and a practical approach; women can grow and become better people.

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