John Gottlieb Investing in Healthcare Treatment Improvements

Jacob Gottlieb, a healthcare financial investor, has recently launched a new investment company called Altium Capital. The main objective of Altium Capital is to invest in the advancement of various medical treatments. A few of its current investments are Oramed, Amarin, Oragenics and Sellas Life Sciences.

Altium founder, Jacob Gottlieb has a BA in Economics from Brown University and an MD from NY University Medical School. In 2001, he received a Chartered Financial Analyst charter from the Association for Investment Management and Research.

Oramed, founded in 2006, works to develop medicine that diabetic patients can take orally instead of by injection. It has developed and tested three oral medications for people living with diabetes. They are orally ingestible insulin capsule (ORMD-0801), oral Glucagon (GLP-1) and analog capsule (ORMD-0901). These oral medications are awaiting FDA approval.

Amarin, with its main location in Dublin, Ireland, seeks to improve medications related to cardiovascular health. Products are developed using lipid science and therapeutic uses of polyunsaturated fatty acids. In 2012, the FDA approved Vascepa

(AMR-101). Vascepa is a prescription level omega-3 fatty acid.

Founded in 1996, Oragenics specializes in antibiotics that fight against infectious diseases and Replacement Therapy. Replacement therapy focuses on replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria in the body. It would, also, like to improve biotherapeutic treatments for various illnesses and diseases.

Sellas Life Sciences works to improve treatments for cancer patients. Its focus is immunotherapies. Recently, Sellas gained attention for its Phase 2b study to treat triple negative breast cancer.

Along with investing in improving medical treatments, John Gottlieb helps support educational charities in his hometown of New York. The Robin Hood Foundation, New Yorkers for Children, The Windward School and the East Harlem Tutorial Program are a few of the charities Gottlieb has shown support by participating in fundraisers.