Kimberly Bakker Share Tips And Tricks For Planning The Perfect Party


With the holidays around the corner, most people dream of hosting the perfect holiday party. Kimberly Bakker, a San Francisco event planner shares a few tips and tricks for planning the perfect party.


Create a List

Kimberly Bakker emphasizes the list as an integral part of party planning. The list should ask and answer important questions such as the number of invited guests, the essential things to do before the party, and the menu list. The list also keeps the hostess on track and keeps you from forgetting important things.

Kimberly Bakker talks about the importance of being a great host. She admits that planning a party can be overwhelming but that you should always take a moment to smile. Hostesses should genuinely enjoy the party and smile often because the attitude of the host reflects on the tone of  the party.

During her parties, Bakker frequently showcases her great grandmother’s heirloom China and tea sets. She explains that her family members feel nostalgic about such items and enjoy seeing it displayed.


Other tips

She advises playing music at a low volume so the guests can get to converse and have fun.

Also, when inviting relatives who don’t get along, she advises minimizing interaction between these relatives.

Concerning lighting, Bakker says to avoid bright fluorescent lights in favor of softer lighting.

Bakker also emphasized the importance of having a budget and that the host should dedicate enough time to dress up and look the part. Visit This Page for related information.

With her background as a successful event planner and mom, Kimberly Bakker is no stranger to juggling the demands of work and family. Ms Bakker possesses a wealth of knowledge about the restaurant and entertainment industry. She’s the owner of KQB marketing firm in San Francisco and she has extensive experience in public relations and event planning.


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