Legendary Investor Paul Mampilly Gives Speech to Young Investors

Paul Mampilly is a prominent investing professional who has had a great career. He has worked in the financial planning industry for decades. During his career, he has experienced various boom and bust cycles. He firmly believes that the United States will have to deal with a recession in the coming years. Investors need to be prepared for a sudden drop in the stock market.

Early Career

Paul Mampilly became interested in financial planning while he was in college. He initially studied to earn a degree in business. However, after interning at a local financial planning company, he decided to change his degree to finance. He worked hard and graduated with honors.

His first job was selling insurance and investment plans to local clients. Although the work was arduous, he enjoyed talking to people about their finances.

Investment Tips

Paul Mampilly teaches people to invest in asset classes that match their risk tolerance. Some people are comfortable investing in asset classes with high volatility. Other people prefer investment options that do not drastically change in value each day.

As a person gets closer to retirement, investing in safer assets becomes critical. Paul tells his clients to buy bonds as they get older.


The economy of the United States has been on a positive run for nearly a decade. Many investors wrongly assume that the positive returns will last forever. Paul Mampilly wants his clients to start piling up cash for the coming recession. In the last economic downturn, Paul was able to help his clients beat the market by purchasing gold.

Although investing is not an easy subject to learn, people like Paul can teach new investors how to plan for the future. When a person starts investing early in life, it is much easier to reach various financial goals.

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