Madison Street Capital: Role of the International Investment Banking

About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC is a Chicago-based firm with 13 years of industrial operations. The company deals with venture capital, merger, equity, valuation, tax planning, investment banking, and acquisition services. The firm is client-centered, which makes it a high-end capital service company for both privately-owned and publicly-owned businesses.



MSC has gained outstanding clients’ trust due to its team of professional and dedicated personnel. Consequently, most clients looking for superior financial advisory services have sought the firm’s services. With its continuous customer growth, MSC remains a reputable international investment banking firm dedicated to growing its market asset and customer development.



A Brief Knowledge of DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group


DCG Software Value has been providing software services since 1994. DCG has been operating with corporate offices in the United Kingdom and Malvern Pennsylvania. The company specializes in quality and analytic software management. Besides, the business ensures custom support to clients.



As DCG specializes in software services, on the other hand, the Spitfire Group provides consulting services for businesses and technology firms. Both companies have skilled experts to fit satisfy their respective clients. Also, the Spitfire Group incorporates multiple services in areas like architecture, project management, or custom development. To provide quality services in all these areas, Spitfire (based in Denver) uses the most current technological developments.



Role of Madison Street Capital in DCG Software Value and Spitfire Merger


On its capacity as a leading firm in merger and acquisition services, Madison Street Capital oversaw a successful merger between the two firms. The deal was disclosed on the 4th of January 2017.



Though its terms were not publicly disclosed, both sides praised the middle market for the successful transactions. The Madison Street Capital team was led by Jay Rodgers, as the firm’s CEO announced a successful deal between DCG and Spitfire.



MSC group led by Rodgers displayed a high standard of professionalism that both the DCG CEO and the Spitfire CEO praised in their joint statement. According to DCG CEO, Mike Harris, the level of expertise by MSC initiated a perfect opportunity for a compelling deal. He confirms that he had a good chance of meeting with IT business leaders.



Spitfire was also represented by experienced personnel, led by its CEO Mark Richtermeyer. Indeed, the presence of all these experienced business figures influenced favorable merging terms for both sides. This can be seen from Harris comment, stating that he and Mark would be willing to continue working with MSC team. The continued support from Madison Street Capital would see both DCG and Spitfire work together to achieve more clients.



Of course, both Spitfire and DCG Software Value are business leaders in their areas of specialization, but the merging services by Madison Street Capital will see the companies succeed in their customer acquisition. Original version of this article can be found on