Meet Nitin Khanna: A Renowned Engineer and Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is a renowned entrepreneur. He has been working around the clock to improve his life as well as those of other people. He is the current CEO of MergerTech. The company’s ambition is to help other firms improve their capital by linking them with the right people. He founded Saber Corp. where he is the chairman and the CEO. Also, he is an active investor in the cannabis industry. Nitin Khanna has worked in CuraCannabis as the CEO. In addition, this great man has also served in various Leadership positions at Oracle Corp. in consulting and education.This link has more information about Nitin.

Education Background and Career

Nitin Khanna went to Purdue University, Portland and graduated with a degree in and Master of Engineering. After college, he went to work in the engineering industry for a few years and then founded his own company Saber Corp. in 1998. It is now the largest company in the US that gives state government ideas and solutions on various issues. It generates revenue of about $120 million. He sold it to EDS for approximately $460 million. Under EDS, Nitin led the governmental business operations to the right directions and also increased the number of employees to occupy positions being created.

Nitin Khanna founded MergerTech in 2009. He has played an important role when it comes to the growth of the company as well as client development. Nitin Khanna is a board member at Vendscreen, Classic Wines Auction, TiE Oregon, Freewire Broadband and a sole adviser for several companies.

Nitin Khanna believes in teamwork and building networks with clients to expand his business. His believes that social media can have a positive impact on any business. His success has been influenced by his investigative nature, being flexible and open-minded. He urges the young entrepreneurs to be patient and steady, plan everything ahead of time, and ensure that they do something that everyone will appreciate.

The Bottom Line

Nitin Khanna is a family man who adores kids. He lives life with lots of passion. He loves movies and wines to the extent that he has his classes of wines and award-winning movies. He is also a DJ and is always trying to help others succeed.

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