Orange Coast College rowing team

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947, but classes did not begin until 1948. Since the beginning of the college they have been able to grow into being known as one of the nation’s largest and also finest colleges. The college currently enrolls more then 25,000 students each semester.


Currently, they are able to offer well over 135 academic and career programs at the college. One of the nation’s finest and largest public nautical programs is believed to be found at OCC. There is more then half the students on campus that is enrolled in one of the OCC’s career and their Technical Education Programs.


In the ranking of transfers in Orange County Community Colleges, OCC comes in at ranking first verses the University of California and California State University Systems. There has been thousands of OCC students over the past decade that have happened to of transferred to UC and CSu campuses. Many of the students that have attended OCC have gone on to private colleges and Universities around California and also across the nation.


Rowing is one of the sports that is offered at the Orange Coast College. The sport is said to consist of a ballet of unity, grace and also consist of lots of power. Rowing consist of nine team members each that all have to work together as a team.


The OCC rowing team is set to leave Orange County on Thursday, May 25, for their nationals that is set to take place at Lake Lanier, GA. Known as the captain of the team is none other then 22 year old, Daniel Amado. Amando started out rowing for his highschool’s rowing team until he unfortunately broke a disk in his back. He was able to return though to his love of rowing a short year later.


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