Oren Frank And His Leadership OfTalkspace

Talkspace is the online therapy service that is run by Oren Frank, and the company has been growing rapidly since they hired Michael Phelps as their spokesman, began to grow their client base, and found new ways to look after their clients. Take a look at what Oren Frank has done to make this company better while also trying to prepare for what could be a major expansion.

  1. What Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is a very nice company to work with when people need therapy. There are many people who are afraid to try to find a therapist, and they could go through Talkspace instead. The app and website is a place for people to go where they can pick a therapist, find someone with the specialty they need, and pay a fair price for therapy.

  1. Who Is Oren Frank?

Oren Frank is the CEO of Talkspace who has been working on a major expansion of the company. The company is going to start an IPO soon so that they can raise capital and grow their business. They will be able to expand their website, and they can make their app more functional. This company will start to advertise much more often, and Oren Frank wants to be sure that he has made the company’s foundation as stable as possible. See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

  1. Conclusion

Oren Frank has also talked about hiring a Chief Medical Officer that will provide them with direction in the field of therapy. A lot of people will get better care because this medical officer can work with therapists to give them help when they need it. This person will guide the way that the company does its business, and Oren Frank will find the funding that the company needs so that it can become the best provider of counseling in the world.

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