OSI Group Expanding In The Netherlands, Germany and Spain

OSI Group was founded in 1909, and despite having more than a century of rich history and legacy, as well as experiencing dramatic growth in the 1980s and 1990s, the company continues its aggressive expansion to this day. Sheldon Lavin has joined the company in the 1970s and has been a key player in the company’s global expansion, through several acquisitions and purchases which boosted the company’s reach significantly.

In 2017, OSI Group bought a 200,000 square feet plant in Chicago that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. The tremendous amount of space will enable the company to increase its production for North American customers, and meet their demands for OSI products. Despite the fact that the plant was built to support production of poultry products, the company has the ability to produce a number of different types of foods at the new facility.

Besides their domestic expansion, OSI Group made a few strategic moves in order to increase their global reach. In December 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe, which boosts the company’s presence in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe. The UK-based food plant is used to distribute frozen poultry, sauces, pies, and dressings for food service businesses. Before the acquisition, Flagship Europe changed its name to Creative Foods Europe, with a spokesperson noting that the purchase by OSI Group will help Creative Foods Europe increase their position in the marketplace.

Additionally, OSI Group extended its reach to Netherlands and Germany as well, by acquiring Baho Food, which manufactures a number of snack foods and deli meats. An OSI spokesperson declared that the acquisition strengthens the company current line of products to serve the needs of the customers and improve its ability, due to Baho’s product portfolio.

Baho has five subsidiaries throughout Germany and the Netherlands, and it also has a presence in 18 countries throughout Europe. Much of Baho’s executive team will remain unchanged, and will work with OSI on growth strategies. One Baho executive stated that OSI’s capabilities and expansive portfolio will help strengthen Baho and accelerate their European growth.

On top of the many acquisitions, OSI also invested in a product line on their plant in Toledo, Spain. This will help boost the company’s poultry output, which is the main product category in that location. The initial output capacity was approximately 12,000 tons of products every year, and now it will enable them to double the amount of poultry products they produce.

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