OSI Industries Builds Rapport With British Safety Council With Globe Of Honour

Finding a way to keep employees safe on the job while maintaining a clean but fast production environment in a butcher and processing company is no easy feat. Many studies have shown that food processing companies tend to like cutting corners with safety guidelines and enforcement, and injuries for employees are often more common than reported. But one company, OSI I has been closely monitoring their plants and making sure that safety measures are more than adequate when implemented. Their plants in the UK were among the nation’s top safety observers, and the British Safety Council made it known by giving them the Globe of Honour in 2016. OSI ndustries has has over 50 plants around the world where safety has been enforced with great care.

OSI Industries can point to its start back in 1909 when a Chicago family headed by Otto Kolschowsky began a butcher business. It was in 1926 that the business started picking up more customers and becoming a higher volume production market, and it was officially named Otto & Sons that year. About 30 years later, Ray Kroc the owner of McDonald’s made an offer for Otto & Sons to become the main meat provider for their new restaurants. That offer led to an influx of capital and new plans to turn Otto & Sons into a much bigger national and global company. It was former investment banker Sheldon Lavin who became the main planner for for plant constructions and worked to negotiate new loans to open different locations. Lavin started in that role as a consultant, but his savvy advice and ability to plan for a variety of circumstances made him even more influential in the company. He would soon become CEO and chairman, the roles of which he still holds today.

Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries around 1978 when their first plant outside the US was opened in Germany. Their current plants in Europe include outlets of groups they’ve acquired like Baho Food in the Netherlands, Flagship Europe in the UK, Poland and also OSI Spain. In Asia, China has been their main base of operations, but they also serve customers in India, Japan and the Philippines. OSI Industries doesn’t only look after the safety and well-being of their employees; they’re also a model of community service. They’re a key partner of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and a supporter of groups like the Jewish United Fund and Chicago’s Inner City Foundation and more