Paul Herdsman Offers Timely Advice For Success

Paul Herdsman is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Herdsman is the founder and CEO of NICE Global. Jeff Herman’s business offers a full array of solutions

that offer businesses a turnkey way to improve their customer relation efforts. His services can also help clients lower their overhead costs that lead to an increase in revenue.


It is not easy for an individual to start their own company and experience the benefits of being in charge. For those that succeed, the success is well worth their efforts. In his recent interview with IdeaMensch, Paul Herdsman offers advice for those entrepreneurs who wish to stand in the winner’s circle.


Some of these, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, are listed below:


  1. Keep a positive attitude at all times. This also applies to everything in life that a person does. Positive thinking leads to an increased ability to solve problems. Being thankful and appreciative helps erase any negativity.


  1. Never be afraid to take sensible risks. These are the experiences that can help entrepreneurs learn the most. One has to be willing to fail in life. One can never know if they will fail or succeed until they take the risk. Taking on risk also builds character.


  1. It is also essential to build the right team structures. No entrepreneur can be an island and expect to do it all alone. Paul Herdsman found others who could complement his own strengths. They accepted and believed in his vision. It was easy for him to lead and easy for them to follow.


4.Make sure you arrive with a vision that everyone can get on board with. Know the goals, and brainstorm all the things that can distract        from those goals. Keep the mindset and efforts pointing true north.


  1. Everyone is going to make mistakes, but not everyone will learn from them. Those business owners who survive are the ones who can learn from mistakes and take the necessary steps to adapt.


Paul Herdsman also recommends that entrepreneurs follow up on every aspect of their business. Success leaves clues. People win when they follow and adopt those clues for their own personal brand. See This Page for additional information.