Paul Herdsman’s Family Philosophy Key To Success

Starting a business and maintaining its success requires dedication, know-how, and hard work. All of these are possessed by co-founder and COO of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman. Located during 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica it is a company for business solutions.

NICE Global Services

Companies get assistance with lowering overhead, increasing revenue and customer retentions from NICE Global. The company also offers support after hours, technical support, outsourcing of customer service, email services, and various other back-office operations. Customers everywhere have a common complaint that these services can assist in eliminating, by allowing them to speak to an actual person instead of a machine when they call. See Related Link for additional information.

Culture Creation

Employees do not feel the need to go elsewhere when they are happy and feel like the people they work with are a family. Companies benefit a great deal from retaining employees because training people requires money and time. Customers like to see people they are familiar with when frequenting businesses.

Invest in Those You Hire

The family is a priority for Paul Herdsman. He believes that it is important to treat those you hire as more than just someone to fill a position. Employees should be given proper training to ensure they have all the tools necessary to succeed since this helps the company succeed. Herdsman ensures that in addition to being properly trained all staff members have the opportunity to experience continuing education to increase personal skill levels.

Performance Rewards

According to Paul Herdsman, anyone can show up for work but not everyone works hard while on the clock. Employees are rewarded on indications of performance at NICE Global instead of busy work. Results are how employees climb the ladder, not how much busy work they can produce during a day.

It is important to understand everyone’s role in the company. The right people have to be placed in the right jobs. Businesses need to find a way to foster the work either of employees to increase the company’s success.


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