Paul Herdsman’s Interesting Ideas On Successful Entrepreneurship

Paul Herdsman never knew about running a business until he learned the art. Coming from Florida, he became interested in entrepreneurship right when he started off his career, and since then has ventured into several roles in Jamaican companies. Currently, he is known as the founder of NICE Global as well as the Inbound Call Experts LLC co-founder. His experience over the years has influenced his current leadership abilities.


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His advice to emerging entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman believes that leadership is a learning process and only through innovation can one be able to transverse through the competitive market environment. In order to witness success in business, it is important to advance in education and experience in order to for one to be able to open his/her own business. Paul Herdsman asserts that having a positive attitude is very important as it enables one to become resilient, skilled problem solver, and have the energy to tackle challenging scenarios. In addition, gratitude is a key tool to help negate negative energy at the workplace.


Paul Herdsman also believes in risks; he advised those who aspire to become their own manager to always consider taking risks. He noted that it is very necessary to consider risks since they help one to know whether an idea can actually transform into a reality or not. However, he cautions that risks must be taken with openness; one is expected to survey different situations including cost-benefit analysis to ensure that the strengths outweigh the challenges.


About Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman attended the University of Florida where he pursued his undergraduate degree in Arts. In 2013, he offered outsourcing services to different countries including the United States, Dominican Republic, India, Philippines, and Honduras. Although this was a straining task, he knew that he was getting the experience he needed to start off his own empire. He founded his company, NICE Global in 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company has a dedicated team which ensures that the consumers monetize online traffic to get the highest marketing returns. During his free times, he loves golfing and fishing especially on the weekends.


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