Rocketship Education addresses concerns made in an NPR piece

Rocketship Education is a school system that serves low-income students and is a non-profit founded in the year 2006. The schools use modern technology with lecturing from teachers to teach students real-world skills and get parents involved in the whole process too. The mission of Rocketship Education is to simply give students a quality education. An article from confronts the 3 different points that NPR’s piece did in their evaluation of Rocketship Education. The first point confronts the free time that they give to students with segments called “silent time” and breaks to go to the bathroom, which NPR thought was too much and not essential to learning. However, Rocketship Education believes that they were unfairly labeled as a school that does not teach students enough and who was judged for something that all schools do with letting students get breaks and go to the bathroom. See more here

The non-profit believes that being strict and enforcing all these rules will only make matters worse and that there needs to be time set aside for kids to just be kids. The next point that is similar to the one before it that they critique is that Rocketship Education sets too much time aside for students to use technology. The charter school system analyzes that this is in fact not true as representatives explain that the students use multiple programs on their devices and believes that it facilitates learning in helpful ways with group activities and allows teachers the ability to work with each student individually. They believe that this was also an unfair critique because many schools use technology in the classroom. The last point that NPR addresses is that Rocketship Education has the least experienced members do the most difficult tasks such as leading students and giving them lessons. The school system believes that each school does something different. The article closes on a note that society needs to keep learning and stop dropping topics that can uncomfortable or perplexing to speak about.


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