Rocketship Education and their Mission to Promote Educational Equality

Rocketship Education was founded on humble beginnings, on the ideas of Father Mateo Sheedy, who believed in the equality of educational opportunity. In 2007, Rocketship Education, opened its first school, winning awards for academic achievement, and opening new doors for its students every day. Today Rocketship Public Schools can be found in the California Bay Area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington DC.

Rocketship Education understands the importance of building relationships, the relevance of strong family connections, and the value of nurturing new ideas in order to promote student growth. With a students first mentality, Rocketship schools invest in their teachers, partner with parents, and leverage valuable community resources to boost student achievement. With all stakeholders working together to do what’s best for the children, everyone is a winner.

Preparing students for a future where technology is a crucial component in any profession, Rocketship Education uses data driven decision making to incorporate technology tools and computer programs into the curriculum. Applying formative assessments to first determine where students are performing, and then using the knowledge gained from building relationships with each student, Rocketship educators are able to design learning to promote student growth and achievement.

At Rocketship Public Schools, students are more than a test score. They invest in the whole child, promoting strong values and integrating them into instruction. With a well-rounded set of skills, students are prepared for both a productive career and a successful life. Independence, team work, communication skills, and problem-solving skills are an important part of school, work, and home.

In a country that prides itself upon the endless opportunities available, many of our students still face an uncertain future in schools with high achievement gaps among students of specific ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic status. Rocketship Education has made it their mission to target students and communities that are overlooked, and bring them into the forefront of education, and empower them with hope and knowledge.