Roseann Bennett And Canine Therapy


Roseann Bennett is from New Jersey and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Roseann Bennett has been working in this field for over 10 years now and has paved the way for other mental health professionals to follow in her footsteps of counseling and therapy. As Bennett worked in the in-home therapy sector she noticed that there was something missing from the outpatient treatment area of her work. Patients that didn’t have the funds to purchase effective treatment options were being left behind. This is how the Center for Assessment and Treatment began. Bennett and her husband started this center as a way to provide ongoing counseling for individuals that otherwise wouldn’t receive help.


Bennett’s goal has been to maintain a self-sufficient facility that doesn’t rely on outside funding. Her feeling is that there is a bureaucracy that exists when agencies accept money from outside investors. Bennett took on the task of creating extensive material for all of the programs that are offered at this facility. She also pays close attention to the daily operations that go on. Different approaches work for different people and this is something that the Center for Assessment and Treatment focuses on. Canine Assisted Therapy has become part of the structure at the Center.


Animals have been used for therapy for many years. Dogs have been trained to alert patients when a seizure is coming. Dogs can assist people who have severe anxiety disorders. Let’s not forget the dogs who work alongside law enforcement to sniff out drugs or cadavers. Dogs are extremely receptive and can be used in the field of psychology and therapy. Bennett has welcomed Jack the therapy dog to her facility and will be using this canine along with other beneficial therapies to help patients. Read This Article to learn more.


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