Roseann Bennett Uses Canine-Assisted Therapy To Treat Her Patients


The therapy services offered by Roseann Bennett have positively impacted many people residing in Hackettstown, N.J. Roseann Bennett has been providing therapy services for over a decade now, and she is conversant with multiple techniques that can be used to treat patients effectively. Since Roseann Bennett treats both adults and children, she currently uses canine-assisted therapy when treating her patients.

Dogs are playful creatures, and they are naturally drawn to humans. Additionally, children are fond of dogs. Although dogs have presented many benefits over the years, researchers tried to into other ways that dogs can be beneficial to humans. Eventually, they unveiled “Canine-Assisted Therapy”. Roseann Bennett is one of the therapists who is making good use of “Canine-Assisted Therapy” as a way of treating her patients.

While interacting with children, Roseann Bennett noticed that children feel uneasy at times. Later on, she realized that children feel calm when interacting with dogs. Eventually, Roseann Bennett incorporated Canine-Assisted Therapy into her practice. Roseann Bennett makes use of a trained therapy dog known as Jack. When Jack interacts with a child, he makes sure that the child gets a feeling of acceptance.

Afterwards, the child calms down and opens up about the issues that they have been undergoing in their life. During the therapy session, Jack is tactically introduced to the patient. Roseann Bennett also uses Canine-Assisted Therapy as a last resort whenever other therapy techniques fail to yield positive results.

Although therapy dogs such as Jack undergo some form of training, they are entirely different from service dogs. The therapy dogs are trained to assist a person who has specific emotional needs whereas service dogs are trained to assist people who have special needs such as physical disabilities. Therapy dogs are used to help people suffering from disorders such as autism and other mental disorders. Get Additional Information Here.


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