Steve Ritchie Training His Employees At Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie has resuscitated Papa John’s International Company. Steve Ritchie was the best candidate to take the role of the CEO of this third largest pizza company globally. Steve Ritchie has spent most of his career life at Papa John’s is since 1996.he has been here for over 22 years now. He was promoted to the post of a CEO in January 2018.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is a graduate of Seneca High school and lived in Hikes Point Kentucky and has worked in various roles in this company. He started as a representative of the customer service in 1996.

Steve later became the franchise owner of Papa John in 2006 and moved to the position of the chief operating officer in 2014. He also worked as the delivery driver, area supervisor, director of operations and the general manager. He also worked at Calistoga Bakery Café as the operation consultant from 2008 to 2011 while still playing his roles at Papa John’s

Papa John’s grew fond of him owing to his history from the previous at a local pizza he bought in his hometown. He was working very hard, up to 14 hours every day of the week. It was from this pizza that he learned the values of hard work.

He also discovered the hacks of pizza operation. This made Papa John poach him and got hold of him until now. As the current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie has projected to educate all his employees. He wants to instil the values of fairness, equity, respect plus opportunity in the entire workforce he has.

Steve Ritchie believes that the educated lot will solve the financial problems that the company has faced for a long time. Steve Ritchie believes that the staff will not discriminate the customers on a racial basis. He wants to avert what happened in the local hotel where the manager arrested the black customer thinking that they were idling around. Read This Article for more information.

He will open the doors of the hotel though part of the staff will go for the training, the other part will attend to the customers and vice versa. They do not want to experience what another hotel did and closed forever.


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