Sussex Healthcare Employment Opportunities

When Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani put Sussex Healthcare on the map, they had no idea of the most it would have on the economy, in particular, the healthcare industry. Their company provides jobs that, in turn, brings income into the homes of families that need to pay bills and support their children.


Sussex Healthcare is a part of Sussex Health Care Group, a dynamic group of companies and organizations dedicated to the highest standards of health care from diagnostic and frontline services to the provision of long-term specialist adult care, research and education.


The company also holds a large range of accreditations bestowed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


So, what are some of the positions that are offered by Sussex Healthcare? There are Care Assistant, Senior Care Assistant, and Nursing jobs available. The bonuses you get once hired are really nice. You get a pension, free uniform, along with riding the staff pick up and drop off the bus. If you have a disabled or elderly relative that needs care, you can get it a reduced accommodation rate. There’s access to the in-house training academy, where you can learn how to care for the patients as well as stay up to date on your skills for future promotions. There are also paid breaks, subsidiary meals, mentoring, and referrer bonuses. Extra pay for holidays, weekend, and night time shifts is a plus. Paid breaks are another plus. There are other benefits such as competitive and negotiable wages, but they are too numerous to list.


Sussex Healthcare is responsible for providing the necessary care that the elderly and disabled adults need. They offer a beautiful new state of the art gym and daycare. The homes are nice and cleaned daily by highly trained staff. Healthy and nutritious meals are given regularly. Also, the elderly is respected and treated with dignity. They get to participate in social activities such as cooking, music, handcrafts, art, reminiscence sessions. See This Page for related information.


For the patients needing neurological care for multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Acquired Brain Injuries, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and spinal cord injuries, there is support at Sussex Healthcare for them as well. There are language and speech therapists on site to help patients with their communication skills. There is also physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistance available as well to help these patients move around a bit. Aromatherapy is also offered to these patients. They get to enjoy the spa and pools that are available in the health care homes.


Sussex healthcare has it all for both the employees and patients. Both are happy because of the treatment they receive. If you are liking to gain employment here, you could not have chosen a better company. Sussex Healthcare is the best.


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