Sussex Healthcare Services and the Leadership

Sussex Healthcare is a leading organization in New York providing care to the aged who have learning or physical difficulties. Sussex healthcare in 2018 was celebrating 25 years of providing quality services to their people. The quality and vibrant services provided is as a result of a combination of skills in hotel management by Shiraz Boghani and medical professionalism in dental surgery by Shafik Sachedina who are the two chairmen leading the organization.

The Sussex launched in 1985 as a single unit has given birth to many sub-businesses which operate under its name. Some of the facilities operating under Sussex Healthcare include residential houses which are under the full care of Sussex Healthcare, facilities offering services in daycare, and the art gym among other several facilities.

Sussex is not a company for serving the old people only. They also provide young individuals with Neurological disabilities and those few individuals who need extensive care needs all services equally to the older. Sussex has also taught its staff all skills they need to take care of the old people and any other patients who refer to Sussex home. They keep their systems and services up to date by continued training, giving more education and compensation depending on the activeness and the quality of services an individual offer.

The leadership of Sussex Healthcare has been under one Shiraz Boghani alongside Shafik Sachedina both experienced and skilled in different areas. Below is a brief history of the prime leaders.

• Shiraz Boghani

He is a known successful businessman whose skills are majored in Hospitality. He is known for his activeness in Splendid Hospitality Hotels Group an organization based in London and serving over twenty hotels including big hotels like Hilton London Bankside and others. He is a Kenyan Citizen by birth but settled in the UK where he started his career as an accountant.

• Shafik Sachedina

He is a citizen of Tanzania by birth. he was born in 1975 and got his degree from the University of London at Guy`s Hospital Dental School and then embarked on his dental surgeon career. He has several other positions in the Ismaili community and also a member of the leading committee of Aga Khan Development Network.

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