Ted Bauman – The Editor

Ted Bauman has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The State University of New York. Ted Bauman has also received a MBA degree in Finance from Georgia State University. Ted Bauman attended graduate school and receive a postgraduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Ted Bauman works for Banyan Hill Publishing as editor of the Bauman Letter. Ted Bauman believes in low-risk investments and asset protection. He does not take for granted working at a gas station, McDonald’s, and Burger King when he was younger because he now knows what its like to be in a working-class environment.

Ted has worked with Habitat for Humanity and has traveled the Caribbean and Latin America, and this organization serves 14 million people worldwide. Ted regrets making better use of his time early on in his career. Ted wishes he would have been more productive, had he known in the past what he knows now about setting things aside to prepare for a disaster and protecting your wealth.

Ted has come up with five ideas to keep your assets safe. He recommends getting a fireproof home safe or lock box to keep your valuables in, and to not store all assets in one place. Ted also recommends getting a safe deposit box at a U.S. bank which is better for securing liquid assets.

Ted states another option which is to get a safe deposit box in a foreign bank which protects you from government confiscation. Ted’s fourth ideal is to get an independent vault in the U.S. which is an extra layer of security that is not regulated by government agencies or courts. The final option is getting an independent vault in a foreign country that is not subject to government regulations.

Ted also suggests protecting your investments in case the stock market crashes. Ted recommends creating a protective barrier around portfolios, as well as investing in both stocks and bonds. Most investors will invest in stocks than bonds, but bonds are less risky and more of a protective barrier, so its best to invest in both stocks and bonds which is a conservative risk that protects your portfolio.