The Background of Michael Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg was appointed the Chief Executive Officer and President of New Residential Investment Corporation November 2013 and became the Chairman of the Board in May 2016. He has held many titles since 2006 and has been a key player in many companies over the years. Some of the companies he was associated with were big-name banks such as; Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Fortress, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Global Securitized Products, Securitized Products, and New Residential Investment Corp.

Mike Nierenberg made his impact at Lehman Brothers while building the mortgage business over the course of seven years. He went on to become a member of Bear Stearn’s as the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008.

His background in banks has him as the Managing Director at Fortress. Mike was the head of Securitized Products and Global Mortgages at The Bank of America Merrill Lynch. His task entailed all trading and sales activity as part of the division when he joined in 2008. He also has these descriptions under his belt; co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading, co-head of structured products, head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations. All of these senior leadership roles were over the course of his fourteen-year range with Bear Stearns. Mike Nierenberg’s background is outstanding as he has built quite a trail of experience which led him to become one of the most successful businessmen in financial institutions today.

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