The Chainsmokers Continue To Impress Their Fans in 2018

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards was full of electrifying performances and inspirational speeches. The awards were particularly incredible for the Chainsmokers who won the category of best dance/electronic music artist. At the awards, the duo and singer Halsey poured their admiration for the late Avicii, a DJ who was a pathfinder for electronic dance music. He passed away last month after battling depression.

Halsey encouraged everyone to assist and give love to friends and family who were having difficulties with mental illnesses. She added that Avicii’s demise brought a lot of sorrow because he was a happy person that inspired and spread joy to those who worked with him. The Chainsmokers said Avicii encouraged so many people including themselves to pursue their dreams in electronic music. They later added that he was a significant model for the electronic dance music circle and went ahead to dedicate their award for best dance artist to Avicii.

The Chainsmokers duo (Alex and Andrew) met in 2012 through Adam Alpert, their current manager. The two found common ground and wasted no time in releasing Indie band mixes. About their unique name, Alex explained to Nick watt of ABC that it was just a fun name with no hidden meanings. They went ahead to release songs that have been success hits although their breakthrough was with “Closer” in June 2016.

The song featured singer Halsey and unlike in their previous singles like “Roses,” Andrew was included on the vocals too. This was a divergence from the duo’s music style and the beginning of their journey of reinvention and re-discovery. They told Interview magazine after releasing the song that they wanted to connect more with the emotions of their fans and expand the boundaries most DJ’s confine to.

The Chainsmokers have been riding on a wave of success especially this year with numerous single releases like ‘Sick Boy”, electrifying performances, and winning awards. Two of their songs have been streamed one billion times on Spotify. The duo bagged iHeartRadio’s award for best collaboration in March. The Chainsmokers thanked their fans in a video after coming top on the Billboard’s top 100 list for Dance.