The Impact Of Vinod Gupta Through Philanthropy


Many people might recognize Vinod Gupta for being a shrewd businessman who managed to build a multimillion business with only $100, but there are others who will remember him for his kindness. Gupta is the former owner of the InfoGroup. He created the company in the 1970s as American Business Information and sold it in 2010 for $680 million.

The database company was the go-to place for any business information in the United States. Before we had google and GPS, it was the best thing. This company was created with only $100 that was in fact used in the marketing database of companies he has created. Vinod’s idea got a great reception from many businesses, and he eventually managed to make it is a highly successful business. Currently, he is running a venture capital firm known as Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta has created a lot of wealth from the companies he is running. He has managed to build one of the most successful businesses and now he is ready to change thousands of lives using the proceeds of the businesses. He is currently supporting the education of many young people in India and the United States. Much of what he has done can be seen in India. For instance, as an Advocate to Women’s Education, he has built a girls’ school in his village. He has also gone to Indian Institute of Technology where he has established two schools. Vinod Gupta believes in the power of education, his success today has been through the power of education. He was offered an opportunity to get a good education, and it transformed his life. He wants to do the same thing to someone else. Read This Article from IdeaMensch to learn more about Gupta.

Vinod Gupta has built the Vinod Gupta School of Management which is found at IIT. This school is offering advanced level degrees for students who have specialized in technology and related fields but would like to add management knowledge in their careers.