The Proven Approach of Sheldon Lavin

Holding steady ground, as the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, has been impressive work by Sheldon Lavin. What started his career in 1970 still lives on but with Sheldon surpassing 70-years-of-age. It’s safe to say. Old-school ambitions raised Sheldon and the OSI Group. Together, they have achieved the corporate dream with no need to look back.

What did the trick was Sheldon’s drive, his vision for the future and his education in finance. The OSI Group leads the world in meat processing now, and it continues to expand as if it has no limits. With Sheldon’s ambition to create more jobs, he employed tens-of-thousands-of people over the years. He employs 20,000 trained laborers today. Expansion is his central focus, and that has been the case from the start.

He now sees the global market set right where it’s best for him to go and conquer it. The 16 countries, which his factories operate within, give Sheldon Lavin the sure head start.

Why Sheldon’s Eyes Are on International Ground

The clients of the OSI Group aren’t you and I but instead the brands that we buy. These labels consist of Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Wendy’s. It’s those meats that it sells that justifies the OSI Group’s international sight. Here’s a look at why Sheldon’s strategy for a “foreign consumer” makes sense:

A Growing Population

• A Growing Population: The world’s population grows at a steady but rapid pace. Some see this as the potential for more conflicts within society while Sheldon Lavin sees its potential to result in more consumers.

A Demand for U.S. Foods

• A Demand for U.S. Foods: The growing, international population has firsthand knowledge of many U.S. goods. This foreign consumer wants to buy international options for the foods made in the USA.

The Resourcess

• The Resources: There’s no meat processor that’s more equipped to serve an international market. For this reason, making the decision to expand is easy for Sheldon Lavin. His rewards are likely to come with the same simplicity.

About Sheldon Lavin: