Tim Ioannides: A Non-Tech Oriented Surgeon


Tim Ioannides is the president of Treasure Coast Dermatology. He holds a degree in Medicine accredited to University of Miami School of Medicine. He practiced his internship in the School of Medicine Health Sciences Center at the University of Florida.

Certified in dermatology, Tim Ioannides is a board member in societies like American Society of Dermatology Surgery and the Florida Society of Dermatology. He is also a part of American Medical Association. He volunteers as a Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine to teach about reconstructive surgery to future dermatologists.

After completion of his studies, Ioannides appreciated the significance of dermatology and made it his life work career. He started by doing cosmetic procedures as a plastic surgeon. At some point he differentiated cosmetic concerns of patients from medical concerns of patients based on the care provided.

He founded Treasure Coast Dermatology after branching out from being a cosmetic surgeon. He aimed at providing surroundings based on medical dermatology. As a way of ensuring continued growth, Ioannides and his team always make an effort to achieve their goals, educate the firm’s staff on new knowledge and venture their skills for the benefit of the patients.

Tim Ioannides recognizes all the current trends but recommends the research of a vaccine to treat skin cancer. The skin cancer vaccine has provided a reliable proof that will be able to heal patients related with skin cancer. He refers to it as the biggest achievement in the dermatological field of medicine.

One of his secrets to success is that he does not use computing technology to handle patient data. This prompts the doctor not to study the patient but to study the computer itself. Dealing with a patient, without screen time, oozes confidence in the ability of the doctor to diagnose the patient. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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