Unroll.me Unclutters Email Inboxes

Unroll.me is a great way for people to clear out their cluttered inboxes. Business is conducted now electronically more than ever, and we collectively send up to 183 billion emails a day. There is no way to avoid it. In the world of business up to 1/3 of the day is spent reading and sending emails. Unroll.me is a service that allows people to focus on the emails they want to without having to read through emails that just waste their time.

Over the years, people have used their emails or signed up to things that they no longer have any interest in. Those companies will continue to send emails about their products well after any service has ended. Even if you send those emails to the spam folder, they may well keep being sent. People might not realize how many subscriptions they have, but the average user has around 62 that they may not remember.

Unroll.me does more than just block emails. It unsubscribes people from those email lists, so that they do not receive anymore from different emails linked to that company. Unroll.me also sorts those emails into folders. Certain subscriptions that the user still wants can be organized, so that they are all in the same place. Unroll.me can then even add information that comes from those companies.

With more and more more business conduced when away from the office, Unroll.me has developed two apps that can be accessed from people’s phones. There is one for android devices and one for iOS products. Unroll.me can still be used on phones through email on the web, but the app makes it even easier. Users can simply swipe left and right depending on which folder they want the emails to go into. Folders are easy to set up and can be changed as the user decides where they want the emails to go.