Unroll.me’s Jojo Hedaya Tries To Lead By Example

In the 21st-century, being the boss of a company is about more than simply choosing a business and assembling a team of talented individuals. Instead, entrepreneurs such as Unroll Me’s Jojo Hedaya believes one must lead by example and show employees how important the correct corporate culture is to success. After its 2014 acquisition by Shopping by Slice, Unroll Me has been growing at a fast rate with its 2014 figure of more than one million users far less than the current number of subscribers.

At the age of just 24 at the time of the sale of their startup, Jojo Hedaya and business partner Josh Rosenwald headed into the email subscription sector after missing messages from each other. The pair totaled up to around 80 percent of the emails they received were subscriptions, updates, or membership-based which they rarely looked at. Jojo Hedaya believes the work of Unroll Me is important as the number of emails being scanned by his app continues to grow and allows subscribers to receive a “roll-up” of all their membership subscriptions.

Achieving a range of successes has been key to the work of Jojo Hedaya and his team at Unroll Me. The culture created at the email subscription provider is based around the life and work of Hedaya himself and includes the need to arrive at work early with the correct attitude. The former Student Government Vice-President at Brooklyn College believes the culture of Unroll Me starts with he and Josh Rosenwald choosing the correct team and keeping them motivated.

Neither Jojo Hedaya or Josh Rosenwald graduated from their respective colleges but both feel their experience has proven all the education needed. Jojo Hedaya was just three credits shy of graduating but has received support from Josh Rosenwald’s family for the decision made to drop out of college and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.