What You Didn’t Know About Gregory J Aziz

Gregory J Aziz, the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car is well-known for his work. What you may not know is that he has also been a top choice for awards within the railcar manufacturing industry.

Greg James Aziz won the award for Outstanding Technical Achievement along with Tomasz Bis. Both were humble and grateful for the award, reflecting on the importance of their mission to work with excellence in all things. Bis, as a long time partner with Aziz, reflected on how difficult it was to finish his education. He also shares how opportunity was more abundant in Canada, and how his purpose has changed for the better while working with National Steel Car. Working with a great team of people that are well versed in technology and focused on excellence, makes it more rewarding to work with National Steel Car, and a CEO and Chairman like Greg Aziz.

The company has been recognized numerous times for innovative designs and the manufacturing of rail cars all around the country. Canada has a lot to be proud of, especially in terms of how they are able to serve North America with rail cars, tanks, and also freight cars. Visit This Page for more information.

Tomasz Bis continues to share his love of the company, but he also shsres how deeply he has been inspired by the work and passion of Greg Aziz. Working with the company for more than 25 years has given Bis a new purpose as well as a long-term vision to continue to teach employees why they do what they do, and how they can best serve their customers.


As National Steel Car continues to grow, they will adapt and change to new regulations and opportunities within the North American market. Greg Aziz takes safety seriously, focusing on the safety of rail cars as well as their ability to produce at a fast pace while maintaining quality. The future continues to look bright for National Steel Car, and it has impacted the economy in a positive way. The motto for the company has been, “We are National Steel Car, builders of reliable rail transport.” Isn’t it refreshing that a big company is focused on excellence, and passing that onto their customers?


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